How to Care for Mobile Phone Battery Battery Healthy Care

Mobile can not be separated from the battery, the battery is one of the core elements of a mobile phone and it is not indisputable. Without the battery, what meaning a smartphone, its function will not be maximized, not portable, and would be very annoying.

During this time, we find a lot of tips and ways to make batteries have long life but sometimes the ropes quite difficult. For example, we have to turn off certain features, do not download certain apps and other things that reduce the function of the smartphone itself.

Here are some ways to make your phone battery is durable and long lasting and have a long life.

  1. Do not let the battery completely empty
  2. Charge the battery fully and in a long time is certainly not good. However, let your mobile phone battery is completely empty is also no better. If often happens like that, then the battery life will be reduced gradually.

  3. Charge your mobile phone in several stages
  4. To keep the battery from being "fed up" with filling, then it should be done in several stages. For example, from 30 percent to 60 percent, or from 45 percent to 79 percent.

  5. Remember! Mobile phone battery condition best when 40 per cent
  6. On the percentage of battery condition balanced. Not too crowded, not too empty. In situations like this, do not press the battery cell with charging. A Better cell phone use so that the percentage of battery decreases slowly. Once, just before the blank, fill power.

  7. Do not place the battery in hot temperatures
  8. Your battery will lose 80 percent of resistance if the user put it at a temperature of 60 degrees during the year. At normal temperatures (25 degrees), the battery life will also be reduced each year by nature as much as 20 percent.

  9. Do not place the battery in cold temperatures
  10. If you want to save the battery, make sure not a place where the temperature is cold, like a refrigerator. Because the risk would be the same as if you put in hot areas.

  11. Do not leave empty batteries in the long term
  12. If the battery is completely empty, the battery cells will "sleep". If not sooner "woken up", at worst these cells will lose their best ability to absorb power from the battery charging apparatus. Then, sat the battery capacity indicates 40 percent, users should get ready to recharge.

  13. Do not expect the battery will live forever
  14. A human life is only temporary, especially your smartphone battery. In fact, every year going decreases battery life. Although users have to treat her right, remember that each battery also has a lifespan.

So do not lose a day when your battery can not be used any more. Purchase a new battery for the health of your smartphone. Tips that we made above only to help maintain and extend the life of the battery, not make it immortal. Hopefully the above tips can help you save money that do not always buy a new battery.


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