How to Charge Mobile Phone Battery Quick order Full According to Science Smart Charge Battery

How to charge the phone battery charge that was quickly filled by the science. Many people ask, how to charge the smartphone to quickly complete? The question increasingly asked in line with the rapid advancement of technology and the high number of gadget users today.

Mobile phones are lit throughout the day is something that is needed by today's society. So do not be surprised if the bags brought to the move of the day there are many components related to the battery, as the charger cable, portable and a power bank.

But actually there are the best times to charge the battery fully charged so fast. Manifold lithium-ion batteries are widely used in smartphones today was not always able to absorb electricity quickly when required.

There are certain conditions that make electricity quickly filled in the phone as reported by Forbes on Monday (04/04/2016). The time when the state turns your phone battery is completely red and stayed a few percent, then the flow of electricity will quickly enter.

"Generally, the battery can accept a high electric current when the power capacity is low," said Mark Carlson.


He also added that the phone battery is a 5% or 20% can be easily filled by the flow of electricity compared to when they charged above 50% or half.

This may occur because most lithium-ion batteries have no protection in excess charging, said Mark. The mechanism is applied when the battery is nearly full of ways to slow down the speed of charging the battery.

So based on that information, we should always charge the battery when it is already very dying, because it can be quickly filled. It also extends the battery life, especially that type of lithium-ion.


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