19 Tips for How to Protect Children from Internet Dangers child PC internet

Protecting children from the dangers of the Internet must be done by parents in modern times, as now, the Internet healthy for children should be applied starting from the house.

Supervise the activities of children from an early age in cyberspace should be initiated as early as possible to give understanding, feedback on children, prevention and monitoring.

It is very important considering the development of the Internet is more massive, Young children today easily use the internet which, if left unregulated, it could plunge the children themselves on the dangers of the internet, such relationships are not healthy in cyberspace, adult content that is very easily obtained, forum discussion is not feasible, misbehaved in social media, the content of violence, and that should not be missed is the excessive use of the internet so that it can lead to internet addiction.

The current condition, of course, different from the state of affairs with our day, at which time it was a child's game is still very traditional and more interaction with friends to play. So supervision and treatment was certainly different, and parents today should be aware of this and should be able to adjust.

How to protect your children from internet dangers Already a concern for all of us to implement a healthy internet for all people, especially for the children so that they are not badly affected by the dangers of the internet and technology. Here are some ways to protect children from the dangers of the Internet that can be applied by the parents at home so that the children can use technology safely, and parents are comfortable.

  1. Provide an understanding and positive suggestions
  2. The first thing before giving the children, gadgets and internet access is to provide understanding and positive suggestions for children. Provide children with the understanding that the gadgets and the Internet that is on them should be used for the positive, for example, to search for teaching materials, outside it was not to be. Especially look for things that are not good.

  3. Do not give the gadget in toddlers
  4. Better not gives gadgets to children that are toddlers because it could result in not good for their growth, good sensitivity to the outside world, eye health, and the growth of brain cells.

    Remember that the technology can be learned easily and quickly, so do not be afraid of your child outdated because it does not give the gadget childhood, give gadgets when they are able to understand where the good from the bad. So that they can be given provisions and guidelines which should be done and what should not be done with the gadgets given.

  5. Create rules of internet usage by children
  6. Create clear rules for the children about the use of gadgets and the internet in order not excessive. Specify what they can do on the internet, how long the duration is allowed and when are they, for example, may only be two hours in the afternoon. Because the morning to go to school, then take a nap, so should only be in the afternoon.

    While the evening may no longer have to study and do homework. Unless there is a task that requires Internet access. At holiday time duration may be added, for example, on a typical day, 2 hours, then on holidays may 3 hours a day, but not a day yes. Do not be just because holidays can surf it up throughout the day. Because it's certainly not good for children.

  7. Parents who arrange child
  8. Do not let the parents are governed by the child, but the parents that should regulate young children and still vulnerable. We all affection for the children, but compassion does not mean letting them obtain everything she wants. If it were eventually played the gadget must stop, if they refuse to cry, the parents should be able to give sensible and assertiveness, not to cry they make an excuse for your set.

  9. Sign and engage yourself in the world of online child
  10. Involve yourself in the lives of children with gadgets and online activities is certainly very important to do, it should be as a parent, you know the scope of their movement, also make sure they use the technology safely. No different to life in the real world, the virtual world of their lives also need to know. Who his friends and what they do.

  11. Teach children to protect privacy
  12. Not all of us may be shared with the Internet, to teach children to protect your privacy, do not be vain indulgence of personal information about the public. For example, do not arbitrarily give your home address, school address, phone number, and even personal photos. Because it can be misused by others that are not responsible. Children should understand these so that they can be alert, keep yourself and not arbitrary.

  13. Do not ignore the location, put the computer in a place that is easily monitored
  14. Preferably all the gadgets for children used in public places such as a living room at home, do not let them use it in a private room, because it would be difficult to be monitored or supervised. Allowing a child to access the Internet in place tough monitored can be very dangerous.

  15. Be a friend to children
  16. Reassure the child that you will not prohibit them surf with a redundant and will not be easy to blame them. As well as also encourage them to tell their parents when they find things that are not good. Be friends so they can open up and tell you, and do not hide the bad things that they have encountered on the internet on their parents.

  17. Enable parental control features that exist in the operating system
  18. The latest version of the operating system such as Windows or Mac OS is equipped with a parental control feature, this feature can be used to protect children from the negative things.

  19. Install protection software
  20. In addition to the innate features that exist in the operating system, there are also third-party applications that can be utilized. You can install applications / software to block certain content (e.g adult content), it is quite important to do because it is not every day we can keep an eye on the child directly.

    There is plenty of parental control software that can be installed by parents to protect, there are free and paid.

  21. Working closely with ISPs to block illicit content
  22. Internet service provider (ISP) certainly has the authority to close or open certain websites that are not good for accessibility. So if possible, work with them to block malicious websites on the connection you are using.

  23. Take advantage of DNS Nawala to block adult sites
  24. You can also do their own blocking sites forbidden to use a DNS Nawala example. Because they have a database of malicious sites that should not be accessed by the public, including adult and the other banned sites. With their input the DNS address in our computer settings, the content will be blocked and cannot be accessed. Please visit for more details.

  25. Maximize browser features to block illicit content
  26. In addition to blocking the Internet by using the DNS settings, have a setting in your browser could not open the malicious websites. For example, if you use Google Chrome can install the extension "Parental Controls and Web Filter from Metacert", this extension will block websites banned course is not good for children, and adults. In addition, there are many other extensions that can be used to secure your home internet. Not only in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox add-on too many like that.

  27. Setting the search engines to be safe when searching
  28. Search engines such as Google is a search for anything on the internet, if it is not filtered then the child can find negative things. But fortunately Google provides features to filter it. Here's a short way do the settings on Google from displaying negative content.

    The setting on YouTube.

    YouTube has a video that is not worth watching by children, therefore you should enable Restricted Mode feature at the bottom page of the website YouTube. In order for such malicious videos do not appear on the screen.

  29. Recognize the child with good sites
  30. Identify children with sites that are good for them, the parents would have to collect a list of sites any good for them. For example, introduced by Wikipedia,, or Or introduce the learning site, e.g. the site to learn English, Arabic, sites of creativity, sites such as online courses, or a search engine (search engine) special child like and others.

  31. Give strict sanctions
  32. Give sanctions expressly for children when they break the rules that have been agreed, for example, if they play on the internet after hours that have been agreed, for example, they play at night where it was supposed to study and do homework (PR) then it will not be allowed to use the internet for a week.

  33. Equipping children with moral and religious education
  34. Religious education is no less important for children, they should know where prohibited by religion in order to have any restrictions on him. In addition, for those afraid to sin. Besides religion course they also need to learn about the norms, the goal of course so that they can behave well on the internet, we would often see those children are now many who often upload photos that could be considered vulgar, revealing clothes, said roughly in social media, and it is certainly not in accordance with the norms. Education-education is certainly important for your child when they are surfing fun.

  35. Control of Internet devices must exist in the elderly
  36. As a parent you should certainly be in control of Internet access at home, such as Wi-Fi internet passwords in your house should be set up, in order to control the child. If they're being penalized, or at the times they are supposed to learn, then you can change the Wi-Fi password so that they can not use the internet, but the work of other family members are not disturbed. There is also a good idea when the evenings turned off the internet because it is the best time to gather with family, because sometimes during the day parents have to spend time working outside the home.

  37. Give Examples
  38. Children usually tend to imitate their parents, so teach them to obey the rules by giving an example. For example if they are banned from the surf at night, then parents should also not surf at night, because the night is usually the time to learn and a time to gather with family. Therefore, it is very important not to take your office work home.


Healthy internet usage in your family will certainly have a positive impact on the lives of beloved children and other family members.

Providing understanding, education, surveillance and restrictions are steps that can be done by parents, all to do with sustainability, because we all already knew that watching children certainly cannot also be done any time, so the collaboration of the above methods can be applied to save your beloved child of the various hazards that exist in the era of technology and the internet today.


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