9 Tips and Tricks to Use Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Android 6.0 Marshmallow

An Android smartphone users who already operate Marshmallow and already received the Android 6.0 update, you're in luck. The new platform of this new Android fills about 2% of the existing Android smartphone.

These are some tips and tricks for users of Android 6.0 that able be used, ranging from tweaking the user interface, browsing the file system and a new camera shortcut. Keep in mind, some of these tricks are not available on a particular device.

1. Enable Hidden UI Tuner

UI Tuner gives you access to the list of interface settings. Users can enable battery percentage level indicator in the status bar or such as resetting a quick access switch off.

This menu allows its hidden because some contain bugs. But for those who are not too worried about it, drag the notification shade twice to open the quick access off. Then hold the wheel shaped setting down for a few seconds. The new menu will appear in the settings.

2. Press the double of the Power Button to display the Camera

A camera shortcut on the lock screen is quietly unique. But there is a quicker way launch the camera application. Press the power button twice will take you directly to the UI cam.

3. Hold down the app drawer to find applications quickly

If you want to find a particular application, hold down the app drawer. This will take you to the drawer and will open the search interface immediately.

4. Hold down the home button to access Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap is one of the coolest features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Users of Google advanced algorithms to provide relevant information to what is owned on the screen. Let's say you're reading an article about George Clooney. Now Tap will feature actors and movie related. You can access the feature from any screen by pressing the Home button.

5. Translate any word easily

Android 6.0 has increased the text selection tool. In addition to the cut and paste options, you can send the highlighted word or phrase directly into the application. For example, you can do a quick translation as if it has the Google Translate app. Unfortunately, some applications do not yet support the feature.

6. Configuring default applications easily

Marshmallow Android 6.0 makes it easier to manage applications by default. You may choose a favorite web browser, mobile phone or SMS application as a standard application. You must select to Settings > Apps and be pressing the gear to access the settings sub-menu application.

7. Let the rotation on the home screen

Android 6.0 has a landscape mode on the home screen. First, it must be activated before it can be used. To do that, hold on an empty area of ​​the home screen, then select Settings. Select Allow Rotation at the bottom.

8. Access hidden files

There is a basic file browser in Android 6.0. To access it, go to Settings > Storage and scroll all the way down. Select "Browse" and then will let you browse the file system existing devices.

9. See how the app works links

If someone sends you a cool link posting on Facebook, you may not want to click to start a web browser. Choose to Settings > Apps and press on the teeth, you'll see an App Links menu, which allows you to configure. You may have a link to a specific domain are sent directly to a suitable application.


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