Dangerous of Factory Reset Feature For Android Users
Factory Reset on Android Setting Menu / Factory Reset on Android Setting Menu.

On Android devices, there is a feature called Factory Reset is a feature that will wipe your device settings such as when you first purchased your device. However, research by scientists at the University of Cambridge revealed that this feature ( Factory Reset ) is dangerous for the users.

Factory Reset a solution to fix the Android system is damaged or if the device will be sold.

The problem of Factory Reset on Android smartphone does not remove all data completely. As reported by Phone Arena (25/05), starting from your Google account password, images, messages, contacts, to other media were still remaining after Factory Reset is done.

"After the reboot, the smartphone can be synced back to your contacts, email, and others. We can restore some data Google gadget with features Factory Reset is problematic, "said Cambridge University scientists.

According to research from security company Avast Software ie, your personal data will not be completely lost despite being erased by feature 'factory reset'. In the experiment, Avast managed to collect 40 thousand photos and 250 owners of private selfie smartphone photos that have been deleted.

Actually, there are several ways to fix this problem, and it was so easy, such as:

  1. Best solution is save all data on external memory not internal memory © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Best solution is save all data on external memory not internal memory.
    Avoid storing records, financial data, photos, video and files of a personal nature on your Android device's internal memory.
  2. Do Factory Reset 2 times to ensure that the data really has been removed, if you want to sell your phone.
  3. Encrypt Phone first © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Encrypt Phone first.
  4. It is advisable to encrypt the device before removing the data. The encryption process scrambles the data is on your device and specific measures necessary to decipher the encryption. To do so is easy enough to go to the menu Settings > Security > then select Encrypt Phone.

According to research, this problem occurs in OS Android 4.0 / ICS and Jelly Bean. Fortunately, this problem has not been found on Android OS KitKat and Lollipop.

Hopefully this article can give you the knowledge. So that you can be more careful again.


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