Save Your Money! You Can Do This Steps If Your Phone is Getting Wet
Save Your Money! You Can Do This Steps If Your Phone is Getting Wet

Have you ever had a phone that fell into the water as in the pool or exposed to rain so that your beloved cell phone gets wet and does not function? If you have got know this experienced, do not think about the phone cannot be repaired without visiting a service.

If your phone does get wet, you can try this steps below, so you do not need to spend money on costly repairs.

First steps to do and avoid when your phone is getting wet.

Before you step into the stage of fixing it, you must do steps to minimize in order to avoid severe damage in advance, such as pull out your phone from the pool or from a pants pocket as quickly as possible, it is intended to avoid the increasing number of liquid or water enter through cracks on the phone. After removing the phone from the pool or pants are wet, avoid doing the following things:

  1. Do not turn on your phone after your phone was got wet if the conditions are switched off.
  2. Avoid to press the buttons on the phone.
  3. Do not wiggle your phone. Generally, this is often done if the phone submerged in water and wet, this will not remove fluid from inside the phone, but will make the liquid will be spread over many parts of the phone.

After you make the first step on the points above, here are 10 steps to fix your phone is submerged in water.

  1. Turn off your phone if it is still on and try to position the phone to remain upright.
  2. Remove the hard case, and the protective casing carefully then open memory and SIM card from the slot.
  3. Also, remove the battery from your phone if possible, but it is impossible if battery cannot is removed.
  4. Take a soft cloth can absorb water well, then wipe carefully wet cell phone parts to dry.
  5. If water gets into the gap phones hard part is dried, you can use a vacuum to suck the water trapped within, but you have to be extra careful.
  6. If there is no vacuum to suck out water, fill your phone with rice in a box, even though it sounds strange, but it is effective in absorbing the liquid.
  7. Leave your phone in the drying conditions in the pile of rice for one or two days so that your phone becomes completely dry.
  8. After drying for a few days. First, try to replace the battery and turn on. Here you can see and test whether the absence of disturbances or other damage to the phone. Turn on the music to check the speakers and also test the response of your touch screen smartphone.
  9. However, if after being dried phone cannot be active at all, do a test by charging on your phone to see the results. If it can not be in charge, there is the possibility of damage occurs to the battery, you can try to drain the battery much longer.
  10. Lastly, if the battery is still drained in a long time and it still would not start, try using another similar battery to check it before you finally decide to go to service center.


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