How To Fix Bootloop On Android With Knowing Kind
How to fix Bootlop on Android

Bootloop is a problem which happens when the smartphone system that you have can not make your boot to the Home menu on Android smartphones that you have or your smartphone can not enter the home menu and is continuously repeated such that only the visible logo your smartphone, With the onset of this Bootloop on your smartphone then surely you will not be able to use smartphone you have. Do not panic and keep the toggling of your smartphone, you must understand the various issues the following Bootloop and resolve the problem.

1. Light Bootloop

Light Bootloop Android

This Bootloop caused by tweaking Android smartphones without using recovery mode. How to fix this Light Bootloop is remove the battery and then reboot your Android smartphone. Repeat until your Android phone has already come to life again.

2. Medium Bootloop

Medium Bootloop Android

Bootloop is due to the recovery mode. For example, after Bootloop you can still enter to recovery mode, then it is categorized as a medium Bootloop. How to fix Medium Bootloop is to restore a backup in CWM if you have never done a backup in CWM, it can be done through Odin.


3. Hard Bootloop

Hard Bootloop Android

This Bootloop can happen for many reasons. The problem most prominent of these are when Bootloop wants to go into recovery mode, smartphone still have Bootloop.

How to fix the hard settlement of Bootloop by using Odin


If there Boot Animation repeatedly and you can not get into a start-up, then its solution is to use CWM or Odin. Things like this can arise due to the device name changed. Types Bootloop mentioned above is the experience of the author himself.


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