How to Avoid Dangerous of Android App Before Downloading
Dangerous App Android before Install

The increasing a lot of applications that can be running on the Android smartphone would be very nice to have this Android phone. Starting from a variety of very high-quality game graphics to the most sophisticated applications of our Android smartphone.

But you need to be aware, not all safe for you to download applications on the Android phone that you have. There are malicious applications which contain malware is very dangerous for a smartphone. Do not immediately tempted by one of the interesting free application, to review the following and identify the characteristics of malicious applications for the security of the Android system that you have.

4 methodes to avoid the dangerous from Android app before downloading

1. Download from Trusted Sites

Download from Trusted Sites Android

Wherever possible download applications from trusted sites and avoid downloading the application from the link is not known because there is the possibility of the application has been modified and the contents of malware by people who are not responsible and then published.

2. Look review of application carefully

Look review of application carefully Android

Make it a habit of reading reviews from users who have downloaded the application, from there to be seen whether the application is eligible to be downloaded or not.

3. Review application permissions

Review application permissions Android

Before we install the application, we will look at the application permissions and make sure the application permissions that you want to install be secure for you to sync with multiple accounts, such as contacts, emails etc. If you are not sure about App permission to access your personal account, you should not download that application, for the security of the data on your Android smartphone.

4. Use antivirus for security

Use antivirus for security Android

Antivirus can act as malware detection that goes on your smartphone. Although still not fully able to secure Android that we use from Malware attacks, but at least with Antivirus can be safer to make Android phone secure when installing some applications that you are doubtful, because the antivirus will tell if there is the possibility of a dangerous malware is contained in an application to be installed on Android phone.


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