How to Make Android Smartphone Battery Become Durability XXX
How to Make Android Smartphone Battery Become Durability

One complained of Android smartphone users are on his extravagant use of battery Android smartphone where we do become not optimal if we do not equip it with a battery support such as POWER BANK.

Not only that, the usage of irregular and uncertain can also reduce the quality of a battery. At a minimum, you will be required to recharge the batteries or recharge your smartphone 2x a day. But, all this is commensurate with what we'll get with an Android-based smartphone that you have with the features it has to offer as well. On the basis that, this time we will discuss how to make your smartphone battery, durable and for a long time and protected from damage in which the battery is drained.

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Follow the recommendations and how to charge the battery for each of device that has been given by the manufacturer.
  2. When the battery is charged not in charge. Spend the first shock. This step helps strum in full and long-lasting battery.
  3. Try to not put non-rechargeable batteries in a battery charger because it can lead to filling the device to be damaged.
  4. Stop letting the battery charger in a state of 'on', because it can damage the components resulting charging capabilities further down.
  5. Allow the battery in room temperature conditions before or after recharging.
  6. When you first buy a device, let the battery is charged fully before you use it.


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