10 Cool Applications for iPhone & Android Smartphone
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Maybe some of you are upset because the applications in Google Play Android do not exist in the iOS App Store. And you need the application. Some applications do exist that are only available on the iPhone but is not available on Android.

But not all such applications. Some interesting and unique applications below can be found for free on both Android and iPhone marketplace. Not only interesting and unique, the following applications are also very useful and worth to you installed on your smartphone. Here are 10 free apps for iPhone and Android smartphones.


Jink App

Jink is one of the applications that you can find for free on Android and iPhone. Jink this is one application that serves to share your location with your friends. This application will automatically turn off its when you have met with your friends.

Functions such as Find My Friends app, but with a GPS tracking while. When finished meeting with your friends, you can still communicate with your friends through the chat feature offered. Interesting, right?


Tab App

This app is also free for Android or iPhone. This application is used to simplify the bill. First, you'll take a picture of the bill given the waiter to you, then Tab will analyze the text and add every item in the digital form.

And if a meal with friends, and wanted to pay their own bills you and your friends, Tab can help compute their bills.


Cord App

If you really do not have time to type a message, try this application Cord. Cord is one application, but voice-based instant messaging. You can send voice messages to your friends without typing. Like chatting. Cord also can you get for free on Android and iPhone.


Companion App

This one application will help you to stay in contact or continue to be tracked by the people closest to you when you are alone, or is running alone. This application will help you to immediately contact the nearest you or call the police so you feel unsafe, or someone was following you.


Qik App

Snapchat you like to play? Qik is one the same applications as Snapchat but more minimalist. It could be said Qik is a private app Snapchat. With Qik, you can record videos up to 40 seconds. And after two weeks of the video will be automatically removed.


Vidku App

The following applications can also be found for free on Android or iPhone. Just like Snapchat and Qik, the difference, Vidku not remove videos that you upload. You can also upload videos throughout the duration of 17 seconds.

Facebook Moments

Facebook Moments

This app uses facial recognition technology on Facebook to find out who is in your Camera folder and then helps you when you want to upload to social media. This application can also be found for free on Android or iPhone.

Google Photos

Google Photos

One of these applications is for storage. You can store your photos in this app that serves as storage. This application can be found free on Android or iPhone.



This Application is quietly unique. You can create a shopping list or any list by using this application.



Free app for iPhone and Android can also use to share photos, chat application, make a list, as well.

There are still many other interesting applications that you can get for free on the iPhone and Android. Not only interesting applications on top, you can make a list of your own version of the exciting applications that can be obtained free of charge on the iPhone or Android. Good luck!


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