10 Tricks for Whatsapp That You Need To Try
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Increasingly, the development of WhatsApp is getting better. Instant messaging applications also have many features that pamper users. However, these features are sometimes not well known or even used optimally by the users.

In fact, if you want a quick glimpse into the WhatsApp feature, you'll find lots of unique ways that you can use to adjust the settings on your WhatsApp. Here are a few tricks that exist on WhatsApp that you can try or may not know.

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Backing up the existing chat history on WhatsApp.

One trick you may not know is the trick to backup chat history of WhatsApp you can do on Google Drive. Not only a summary of the conversation, it turns out the history storage can also be in the form of pictures, and video. Interesting, huh?

How to get your last seen unchanged.

To keep unchanged last seen you, you just disable your internet and then open your WhatsApp. Type your message, send the message, then close your WhatsApp application. Then restart your internet. Messages that you typed earlier will still be submitted, and miraculously your last seen will remain unchanged.

Use WhatsApp but without registering your mobile number.

Yeah, it is possible to do. Once you've downloaded WhatsApp, block verification message by setting the phone is in airplane mode or flight mode. WhatsApp will advise you to choose another alternative verification. You can choose the option 'verify through message', then type in your email address and then send. After that, just cancel your message. So, your phone number will not be known by WhatsApp.

Send PDF files via WhatsApp.

Not impossible to send PDF documents via WhatsApp. You can use WhatsTools. WhatsTools allows you to send a document with a capacity of 1GB. With WhatsTools you can also integrate directly with Google Drive.

How to check the time, when your message is read by the recipient.

When your friend lied and said just read your messages, or skip your message, do not worry, you can check the time when your friends are reading a message from you. Way, a long press on your message until the notification button blue. Then select the 'i' at the top of your message. That way you will know exactly when your friends read your message.

How to tell your contacts are blocked or not.

To check your contacts are blocked or not, try to create a group with the contact. If the person is blocking your contacts, you will not be able to create a group with that person.

You can find out when your friends' contact online and offline

There is one application that can monitor your friends contact when you're monitoring online, and when he is offline. The application name is WhatsDog. You can try it and can find the app in the Play Store and the App Store.

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How to change the number WhatsApp

If you have a new phone card, you do not need to upload WhatsApp again. You can change the phone number belongs WhatsApp contact you in the following way. Go into Settings and then select me, then select Change Number in WhatsApp.

Disabling blue checkmark

Good news for you. WhatsApp now allows you to disable a blue check mark. The trick is: go to Settings -> select Account -> select Privacy -> disable 'Read Receipts'.

You can schedule your messages.

Yes, it's very possible. You can schedule your messages to be sent to specific contacts. Applications that can help you is the Message Scheduler for WhatsApp.

Well, that was 10 cool tricks WhatsApp worth a try. WhatsApp is still one chat application that is favored by the people. With features that are growing on WhatsApp, no wonder if the application is now to be excellent. Do you want to try tricks on making minute tweaks to your WhatsApp? Good luck!


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