5 Ways to Fix the Google Play Store "Error"
Fix the Google Play Store Error

For users of Android smartphones, Google Play Store is one of the most frequently used applications, through the Play Store you can find the latest applications, games, and other applications. The output of Google's software is also useful to provide information when the latest update an existing application on your mobile phone.

But in some cases, android users often complained when using the Google Play Store, it is generally common errors such as hangs, crashes, and not responding. Well, if you are one of them who often encounters problems like this, here are five easy steps to fix Play Store error in your android.

Clear cache Google Play Store.

Basically an app on Android smartphone typically temporarily store data on the phone, or better known as the cache. It aims to speed up performance when reloading the same data. In some cases, too much cache stored in the Google Play Store can cause crashes or not respond.

Delete your cache of Play Store app by going to the settings menu, then select the application tab, and select the Google Play Store. There you will find a cache clear button.

Remove data of Play Store.

The second solution to address the Play Store on android error is to delete data stored in these applications. But keep in mind, deleting data does not mean the overall delete or uninstall, but it removes the stored data.

Sometimes, it is too many data stored on an application may interfere with its performance, it is necessary to delete the data in a manner similar to clear the cache in point 1 above, but these data clear button is on the clear cache button.

Uninstall Play Store has in update.

Updating an application may not be able to make better application performance because sometimes an updated version does not match the mobile device you use. For that, you have to pay attention to this in order to avoid error on an Android app.

If you already own update and interference occur, uninstall the Play Store on your smartphone and it will restore it to the initial version that is compatible with your mobile device.

Clear cache and data Google Play Services.

There is a default phone application where the application is related to the Google Play Store, the Google Play Services. This application allows you to synchronize and notify relevant Play Store.

Therefore, if you have made clear your cache and data on the Google Play Store, but there is still an error occurs, do the same thing on the Google Play Services.

Reset Google Account.

If all the above steps still do not help you to solve the problems with the Google Play Store, do reset your Google account on your smartphone. Google accounts are usually associated not only with the Play Store, but there are other applications that are always in sync with this account.

For that do reset or refresh your account by deleting your Google account on your phone, then add it back to the same data. This setting can be found in the Settings menu and then select the Accounts tab.


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