5 Best Weather App and Widget for Android by Andre's Guide Version
Weather App and Widget for Android Smartphone

Applications android smartphones are generally created to provide facilities for all our activities is one example weather app. This application is useful for Android smartphone users to monitor the situation and the weather conditions is happening or will happen.

It is certainly useful when you want to plan outdoor activities or when you want to travel to a place or a region so that you can predict the weather conditions through your mobile phone. PlayStore found in many applications such as this, here are some of the best weather widgets and applications for your Android smartphone that is certainly easy to use and has an attractive appearance.

1. Accuweather

Accuweather Android

Accuweather is one of the best weather app android phones that provide accurate and complete information, including one of its flagship feature RealFeel indexes where this feature can provide information about the temperature conditions around you are. This application comes with charts, weather radar, as well as a comprehensive map of the area and thus has an attractive appearance and easy to use.

Accuweather Install on Google Play

2. Transparent Clock & Weather Widget

Transparent Clock & Weather Widget Android

As the name implies, this application is like a watch face coupled with weather forecasts in the form of widgets that appear on the homescreen of your phone. This application also provides detailed information about the alarm, battery, calendar schedule, the capacity of your memory card and wifi status smartphone.

Features of this app also make it easy for you to adjust the level of transparency, widget size, color and update frequency information displayed. Surely, a variety of settings that can be customized makes the transparent clock & Weather one of the best weather widgets and applications for your android smartphone.

Transparent Clock & Weather Widget Install on Google Play

3. 1Weather

1Weather Android

1Weather is one of the best weather app free for Android that has a very interesting and fascinating. Not only provide complete information about the weather such as temperature, wind speed, and UV index but also it includes information in real time that can be updated at any time wherever you are located. 1Weather widget also provides features such as a square display is equipped with a clock that you can customize the location and position.

1Weather Install on Google Play

4. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather Android

One of the best weather app for Android is Yahoo Weather, which offers a myriad of information that is complete and looks quite attractive with features ever-changing backdrop of Flickr. There are various sizes and types of home screen widgets to beautify the look of your phone, and of course, you will have the ease with their notification in the status bar. Excess Yahoo Weather is located on your location, position accuracy when using it.

Yahoo Weather Install on Google Play

5. Weatherbug

Weatherbug Android

Lastly, one of the other best weather apps is WeatherBug, where the application is superior in design and user interface, plus its ability to predict the weather forecast not only for the city but also can provide information about your circumstances is happening.

It is no less interesting WeatherBug provides warning information when there is bad weather, as well as a photo-sharing feature where available to monitor conditions and traffic information to avoid congestion.

Weatherbug Install on Google Play

Those are some references 5 best weather app and widget for an android smartphone, but a similar application very much available in the Google Play Store, stay tailored to the needs and comfort when you use the application.


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