How to Remove Default Application on Android

The android-based mobile device offers a lot of convenience for users. To equip an Android device with a variety of unique applications. But sometimes that application actually makes the performance of RAM to be slow, because usually users also install their own apps from the PlayStore.

On this occasion, I will share Tips How to Delete Android Default Applications that do not or rarely used. By removing the default application on Android, we will be able to accelerate the performance of our smartphone. Well to be able to remove the application then please refer to Tips on How to Remove Default Android app below.

Smartphone Android did work with using the application, and any Android device must already be equipped with a variety of applications by each vendor. But sometimes users often install their own apps in the Play Store so as to make the internal memory is crowded and slow down the performance of the smartphone.

Therefore users should delete some applications so the performance of RAM is not too heavy and also increase the speed of Android smartphones. But the problem which application should be removed, because usually users install the application is needed.

My advice should erase some of the default Android apps rarely or never use. But to remove the native Android apps cannot be done directly because Android has a protection system that is strong enough.

Well, Method for Removing Default Applications Android is by using a root application, the application can open the protection which is owned by the Android OS. So that system will allow, or allow for the elimination of native Android application.

Here are the steps you should do.

  1. First you have to do Root advance on your Android smartphone.
  2. If your Android have the Rooted, then please download and install the application APP Remover on the Google Play Store.
  3. After that please open the application and select the default Android apps will be deleted.
  4. Then you will get a warning.
  5. If you still want to delete, then choose uninstall option, and wait until the process is completed perfectly.
System app remover (ROOT) Install on Google Play

Well, that's the easiest way to remove the default Android application using the help of an application APP Remover. Before removing the default Android app makes sure you choose the application that was not associated with the Android operating system or in connection with Google.


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