6 Personal Information Given by Site That You Visited
Browsing and Surfing

The increasing use of the Internet and the issue of cybersecurity is under the spotlight is important. As more cybercriminals roam the internet.

On the internet, you can almost certainly find anything. However, have you ever wondered, when you visit a site, any information obtained by the site? To know it all, I will tell you via the following article.

Quoted from AndroidAuthority, the following is a personal information recorded by the sites that we visit.

Your Location

Your Location Maps Hand

Geolocation API by Google can be used by websites to get your location. For accuracy is diverse. If browsing using smartphones, accuracy can be within the range of 50 KM.

Your Hardware


In addition to your location, the sites you visit can also find out the hardware specs that you use. Such a model CPU, GPU, screen resolution, even knowing what percentage of your battery and the charge condition or not.

Software Version

Software Application Version

Which is known by the website when you visit next version of the software used on the device. Such as operating system and browser you are using.

Your Network


Next, the website also knows your public IP address. In fact, it can identify the services that you use and calculate the speed of your downloads.

Know That You Have Logged on Social Media

Social Media

The website also finds out if you are already logged on to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Actually, the website also knows at a glance your browser history. They know what sites you visited.

Knowing Your Data Detaily

Data Information Unsaved

In addition to all the information that I described above, the website can also find information you with great detail. Examples are data information on your Facebook.

One of them uses Clickjacking, the deceptive techniques of web users into revealing confidential information or take over their computers when they click on a Web page that seems harmless.

That's the personal information you are knowable and recorded by websites that you visit. Of course, the data of internet users is intended for the development of services and features that are better for the user.

But if it falls into the wrong hands, clearly dangerous. The problem is we do not know where the malicious site. For that, you can use a VPN to avoid leaving a digital track. So, the website does not get anything from us. What are your opinion?


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