Dangerous Browsing on the Internet That May You Not Know Yet
Check Website URL

Certainly each the hacker and irresponsible has many ways to get what they want. Not only in the real world, in the virtual world is a lot of bad people who have a sense of intelligent and smart abused. Threats and viruses are dangers on the internet such as malware, viruses, keyloggers, and phishing maybe we've never heard it. But there is the most dangerous of the virus, namely typosquatting.

It is almost similar to phishing but more feature to the typo in the URL address. It is very dangerous and fatal for us.

However, some of these tips you can do to minimize becoming a victim typosquatting.

Bookmark URL


Bookmark is the most important thing when we are browsing and surfing in the internet world. The aim is to avoid Typo when we're typing a web address. With bookmark URL we can easily save URL addresses without having to retype the address and also facilitate our access to our favorite sites.


Bookmark URL

Installing the antivirus we can avoid and minimize typosquatting. Now a lot of antiviruses has been equipped with anti-theft and anti-phishing. The famous of antivirus like AVG, Avira, Avast, Norton, etc. Not only for PC, but you also could install the antivirus to security browsing. Rapidly growing technology, that antivirus software we do not doubt its safety.

Check Website Address


The important thing is that we always check and be careful when we're writing a website address. Accuracy we will not invite crime. Also, make sure the spelling of the letter by letter to be typed it correctly. There is a phrase that says that a conscientious person that rarely make mistakes. It is very hard through we apply in our lives, but the things that we do not burden us.

After we did above, we can reduce the dangerous of typosquatting. Stay alert for viruses on the Internet. The important thing is not carelessly to visit foreign websites without our prior installing antivirus on our media platforms.


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