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Kingroot is an android application that serves to rooting Android. With this application we can rooting our Android very easily without using a PC . I personally also use this application. For the tutorial How to root Android with Kingroot Application you can see in the previous post.

Here are some features of Android Kingroot:

Root Authorization

Root Authorization © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Root Authorization.

An application access rights to obtain licenses Root. With this feature we can choose where we allow applications to obtain authorization Root and which ones we do not allow. In this menu there are all applications that require root privileges. There are three choices of Authorization Root, among others:

  • Allow
  • Option to allow an application to get root access rights.

  • Deny
  • The option to refuse an application to get root access rights.

  • Prompt
  • Option to let us choose in advance whether the application we are allowed or we refuse to get Root access rights.

Uninstall Tool

Uninstall Tool © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Uninstall Tool.

A menu to uninstall applications on Android we like the bloatware, system, and application user . There are two parts of the menu, among other things:

  • Built-in
  • The option to uninstall the virus application, bloatware, and system.

  • Personal
  • The option to uninstall the virus application, and user.


Autostart in Kingroot © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Autostart.

A menu to manage applications in the android to automatically run after Reboot. There are two parts of the menu, among other things:

  • Autostart Enable
  • Options to allow applications to run automatically after Reboot.

  • Autostart Disable
  • The option to refuse the application runs automatically after Reboot.

Game Booster

Game Booster © ANDRE'S GUIDE

A menu to optimize your android game. With this feature, you can play games with delicate . This feature is appropriate for you to test.

To use this feature you can simply click "Add" to add a list of games that will be optimized later. Then click "Create Folder Games on Your Homescreen" , then on your homescreen now there is a folder that contains the earlier games. Play games you through the folder.

General Setting

General Setting © ANDRE'S GUIDE / General Setting.
  • Enable Root Authorization
  • To allow or not on authorizations.

  • Smart Authorization
  • Approximately the same as Enable Root Authorization.

  • Root Auth Window
  • Pop-ups that appear when we open an application that requires root privileges. There are two options, namely Deny or Allow . To authorize the countdown time you can select 10 seconds or 20 seconds or 30 seconds. That is when we choose the option Allow to 10 seconds, then when the pop-up window appears if we do nothing, then the automatic root permissions will be permitted after 10 seconds when the countdown.

  • Records
  • Set all the logs contained in this menu. We can choose how long the duration of the log will we keep (1 day, 1 week or 1 month). On the menu is also an option to delete the log records.

  • Update Automatically ( WiFi )
  • We can update to a new version of the application Kingroot only through WiFi networks only. We can turn this feature directly from this menu.

  • RAM protection list
  • You can add application exceptions during the optimization takes place in this list. By adding an application, the application will be protected.

  • Uninstall Kingroot
  • Option to remove the app from the android Kingroot us. By removing the application Kingroot means we will also delete all the rules that we set earlier than Kingroot applications, such as Boost, Pre-Install Remove, Font Modification, and Autostart Block.

About App

About App © ANDRE'S GUIDE / About App.

There are three options in this menu, among other things:

  • Instructions
  • We can find information about Root and how to run the application Kingroot.

  • Check for update
  • We can determine whether there is an updated version of the application of this Kingroot or not by clicking this option. If there is a new version then we just click the "Update" to the new version.

  • Thanks
  • If we are satisfied it would be a good and wise when we give an appreciation to the developer of the application Kingroot in this option.

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