Finance App Turns Not Helpful Frugality
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In an age of modern era like now, of course, we want something instant and practical. Mainly a matter organizes our finances, whether it's spending or income. The existence of thousands of apps on Android have provided a wide range of financial applications that feature in it. I did not mention what applications are best because the application may not even help us to save money, even make us confused and increasingly complicated. The reason is:

Forget Input Nominal


In the current era can be said to be of any use for money. An example we're in a public place and want to go to the toilet and it is not free. How is if we use mobile financial applications? With nominal spending a small but frequent intervals. What we could and had time for a nominal input of money into the application? I sure did not. How is If only there was a time when the delayed input? What do you still remember nominal? And instead only makes us a headache.

Input Nominal After Shopping

After Shopping

This is mostly done by people using financial applications. As point one above, we mostly do not have time for a nominal input when shopping in a public place. If this expenditure contained a receipt, I guess it does not matter. And what about the other expenses that no receipt as parking and le toilet? At this point two, we did not even scrimp and even more extravagant. How not if we're currently spending only focus on spending alone without knowing how the remaining balance of our money? And after we got our money input, eh groceries fact we exceeded our budget and balance is running low, but payday is still recent. Is pity not it?


Smartphone Dependence

Such as we have mastered a financial application is. Certainly, we are not confused anymore to wear them as often as possible. The problem, if we have a dependency with the application if one day we are having problems either smartphone and can not be used. What can we do? Given the expense and income that so many of his history? My advice if you are in point 3 of this, just in case better choose a financial application that has features to SD card backup and backup to cloud storage.

If you include people who diligently record the history of your finances through the application. My advice chooses a backup application that has features and better use the application when you have mastered it. And if you do not have time for your groceries nominal input, save your grocery receipts inputted later. If no receipt. Suffice it to remember it.


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