How to Block Ads on Android With Adaway
Adaway Android

Almost every application in android version has ads for free or on the internet when we are engrossed in browsing suddenly ads appear instantly. I do not think all the ads bother us. Originally an ad that does not distract us to the links that are not obvious it was not a problem in my opinion.

But you also need to know what the purpose of the ad exists. The purpose of the actual ad solely for commercial and most of the developer itself. Whenever there must be no advertising commercial purposes.

But we must not be prejudiced in advance about their ads. As Internet users and Android wise, we certainly will not remove the ad. Due to advertising as a source of income from developers. If we eliminate these ads and what the source of income of these developers they achieved the results of his hard work during this time? While we have taken a lot of information and menggalih the website. We have settled for taking the application. But what can we give to the developer? There is no. So what if we have satisfied comparable while the developer did not get anything?

My advice, be a wise person. If you are satisfied on the application there is no harm if we purchase the pro version / premium to remove the ads. When we have gained a lot of information from a website, what's the harm we allow these ads remains.

I am posting this article is not telling you to eliminate senua ads on android. Use the tutorial below if you're feeling really disturbed by the presence of an ad. And most importantly, use the tutorial below wisely.


  • Rooted Android. If you do not know how to root android just browsing.


  • Adaway
Adaway Install on Google Play
How to use Adaway © ANDRE'S GUIDE / How to use Adaway.


  1. Download and Install Adaway Application.
  2. Open Adaway application. And Allow Root Authorization.
  3. After that, click option "download files and apply ad blocking". (picture number 1 ).
  4. Wait untill download processing and Applying is done.
  5. After appearing "Applying Successful" means that your Android is now free advertising. (Picture No. 2).

How to restore the ad again as in the past:

  1. Open Adaway Application.
  2. After that, select option "Disable Ad Blocking" (picture number 3).
  3. Done. Now your Android have returned to the original settings for ads appear back.

Advertising is the main source of income for bloggers. If the ads are removed, there is no income for bloggers and most bloggers are also vulnerable to be lazy for posting an article. Then we find the info we get from the internet should also be gone.


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