How to Change Display Resolution Applications Become Tablet Version
Tablet Version © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Tablet Version

Sometimes we want to see android phone version we change it to look like a tablet. Many of the changes that view if we change it, such as the Hidden Menu will appear all (expand) and the menu will change to a particular application dropdown menu.

Many of the benefits of this version of the tablet. Among them was a drop-down menu, of course, we do not need to click the back button to go back, and if the menu was changed to No Hidden Menu navigation course we do not need to click again to bring up the option menu contents.

Well, if you are interested in what I described above and want to change the look of your android phone into look like a tablet version, then follow the steps below.


  1. Rooted Android.
  2. I recommend Kingroot application because the application is secure and simple to use it. Almost all devices support with Kingroot. If you do not match the type of devices, please contact the developer.

  3. Android Phone Not Tablet
  4. Because this time I will explain about the phone to see which will be converted into a tablet display.


  1. Xposed Installer
  2. App Settings
Xposed Installer Install on Google Play App Settings Install on Google Play

For both applications above all needed permissions ROOT . And please download the application on the official website REPO.XPOSED.INFO . Because in the Google PlayStore app is not already.


  1. Please download and install the two application above.
  2. Open Xposed Installer > Framework > Install/Update > Reboot.
  3. Open the App Settings, then select which app you set the resolution of which will zoom into the tablet version.
  4. Set in the column menu of "DPI", "Font scale" and "Screen (dp)".
Set DPI and Font Scale © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Set the resolution and size of the letters.

My recommendation to set the DPI is between 200-250 and for the Screen (dp) you can set yourself according to your wishes. Screen (dp) as well as we zoom in and zoom out in your browser. While the scale is the font size in the application letter.


Result Before and After © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Results BEFORE and AFTER.

In the image above is an example of a difference when we have to change the appearance of an application using App Settings. The above picture I take the example of the OfficeSuite application.


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