How to Create a Shortcut File on Android Homescreen with ES File Explorer
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Usually, we store a variety of file formats in the Android us. Whether it's a file format Text, Word, Excel, Slide, or PDF. If we want to open these files usually we unpacked and searched first in the File Manager. I think the way complicated and not simple. And it would be easy if we open our files directly from our Android Homescreen.

In fact many ways we can do to create shortcuts on the home screen file. But this time I will discuss how the application using ES File Manager that has been downloaded over 100 million times in PlayStore. These applications include file manager app that I recommend to you. Many of the features provided by this application. For its features, I'll discuss in the next post. Simply follow the tutorial below:


  1. Es File Manager
Es File Manager Install on Google Play


Tutorial © ANDRE'S GUIDE
  1. First, please download and install those application above.
  2. Open application Es File Manager that you have downloaded above.
  3. Select the files that want to copy to your Android home screen.
  4. Then press the file.
  5. Click the options menu in the bottom right.
  6. Click "add to desktop".
  7. Done.

In this step, we are easier to open our files directly from your android home screen without opening it first from File Manager. And if you do not want others to open your files in the home screen, you can provide additional security to the application. Because the files on the home screen are very easily found by other people who are borrowing your android.


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