How to Disable Auto Update Feature in Android
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Now many applications found in PlayStore. In fact, there are more than thousands of applications. The longer will be growing. And of course, sometimes we are tempted to download these applications, whether it's because we've seen links or are browsing unintentionally we find the application. And a growing number of applications that are installed on Android we are, the more the quotas should we provide primarily to update the application.

When we download an application from PlayStore, there are three options for how to download the application update.

  1. Do not auto-update apps
  2. This option is to do the update manually do it yourself.

  3. Auto-update apps at anytime. Data charges may apply.
  4. This option to update automatically at any time by using our internet data.

  5. Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only
  6. This option to update automatically only when our Internet connection is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you just bought internet quota and the quota suddenly exhausted. Possible Setting auto-update in PlayStore you choose the second number. For those of you who want to downsize the number one quota should select only (Do not auto-update apps) or select the number 3 N (Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only)

And how to disable the auto update feature in the android application please see below:

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  1. Open your Playstore.
  2. Select the menu Settings.
  3. Click Auto-update apps on the menu General.
  4. It will appear the three options which I have explained above. Please you select "Do not auto-update apps" to update our application manually.


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