How to Download an Application Which Not Compatible
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The advantage we download an application from PlayStore is a trusted source market. But what will you do if the applications that want to download is not compatible with your smartphone? Do you give up and ignore the application that wants to download? Relax, I'll give some tips that might help you.

Download APK From the Site

The first step is that you can download your favorite apps through several sites that provide raw APK file. Follow these sites:

  2. Apkleecher © ANDRE'S GUIDE

    Site view this site is very simple and easy to use. If you want to download the raw APK from this site. You simply type package name or URL app from Google Play or you can also type directly application name . Then click on the Generate Download Link . Or you can change the web address to .

  4. Apkdl

    The site is still relatively new. As we explore the applications on this site, we can easily find our favorite applications. To download an application that we want to find more or less is the same as sites that you just type package name/URL application/application name .

  6. Apkpure © ANDRE'S GUIDE

    This site is so completely and almost all applications within on this site. This site is worth I recommended for you as an alternative for download your application.



VPN is very useful for us when you want to browse the internet and download applications. The main features of VPN are we can change the location, shortly unblock sites that blocked by the government and the operator and we can increase a speed of browsing. The best VPN for android such as:

  1. Opera Free VPN
  2. Unlimited Free VPN – betternet
  3. Hotspot Shield VPN
  4. HOLA free VPN
  5. And much more

You can try one by one that you think is the best because each application has own features.

Use Market Store Alternative


This method is very helpful, but you must remember that to download files from sites that not trustworthy is dangerous for us. Because these sites may have a virus in a file that will be downloaded. And dangerous is the virus that can steal your account data. Here are some trustworthy sites that you can use as an alternative Market Store:

  1. Amazon App Store
  2. Aptoide
  3. Apptoko
  4. F-Droid
  5. And much more

It's some tips that may help. You can use them as an alternative to downloading your favorite app that not compatible with your device.


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