How to Lock BBM app on Android
Lock Bbm Android

Now BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is widely used by smartphone users, this application has nisce chatting features and can be installed on iOS and Android. Currently, the fuel could be said to have replaced the SMS. In addition, we can also send pictures, audio, or other files via this application.

Although, BBM can send important data, but the BBM does not have a locking feature to protect data. Not infrequently, these applications were subjected to data theft or piracy committed by friends and relatives. You also may have been the victim of piracy status.

Currently, some smartphone has a feature to lock the application to be safely from the thief. Now, I will provide the information. How to lock the BBM app on Android uses the help of third party applications, It is Leo Privacy. Here I will explain. How to lock the BBM on Android smartphones.


Leo Privacy Install on Google Play


  1. First, then open the app.
  2. We can make a pattern password to lock the application. Make sure the password is easy to remember that we created because it will be used to unlock all locked apps, including BBM.
  3. Create passwords with a pattern of at least 4 points, then repeat the pattern of earlier as confirmation password.
  4. We can create a security question that can be used to recover passwords if we forget the password pattern.
  5. If we have done to make the pattern of password and security questions, we will go to the main view this application.
  6. To set the application to become the key, click the "App Lock".
  7. Then locate and select the BBM application for locking.
  8. If you have found the application to be locked, press the "Lock".
  9. Our BBM application have been locked. Each will open BBM we need to use the password pattern.


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