How To Root Android With Kingroot

Root Android is one activity where we unlock the system that is in android. With it, we can freely adjust various settings Android accordance with what we want.

Many things we did after our Android Root. Such as changing the look (interface), improving the performance of RAM and CPU, to preserve the batteries, and much more. But before you do it, you must know what is Root and what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Root.

Once we know about Root. Here I give a tutorial about downloading Android Root safe with the help of Kingroot application. Why did I choose this application, because I think this application is safe to use and the excess can download virtually any device Root? However, I am not responsible for the events that will happen to your Android.


  1. You already know about all Root.
  2. Prepare mentally at any time if something happens to your Android.


    You can download a free application Kingroot on the internet. Because these applications are not available in PlayStore. Or you can download KingRoot via Google Drive.
Kingroot Install on Google Play
Rooting your Android © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Rooting process.


  1. Download and install the application Kingroot (if you do not find the application on the internet, please download link that I have provided above).
  2. Once you do the first step, the next step is to open the application Kingroot. If it says "Root Access is Unavailable" means that you are not in the Android-Root. And if you want to start Root Your Android just click "Try to Root". (Picture number 1)
  3. Wait until the process is finished. (Picture number 2)
  4. If successful it will display a notification. "Root Successfully". (Picture number 3)
  5. It's done. Now your Android has been rooted.

From the above, in my opinion, is the easiest way to Root your Android. Does not require a PC, the process is very fast and safe.


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