How To Set "Default" for Opening the Media And Link

In android lot of variety of applications. Of course, we are tempted by the many applications found in the Android PlayStore. Examples of applications for video playback only we have more than one application. Of the many such applications there must be one that is a favorite of ours so we mostly use just one favorite app to play music or video or to open a file.

Here I will give way to set to be the default application and remove the default or in other words we can choose which apps again that we will use to open a file.

How to set as Default.

For example, if you want to play video from your phone's gallery belongs. Select the first video you'll round. Then select the media you want which will be the default media player of your video. These options will appear if you do not specify the default media for video.

Set as default for opening the file © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Example picture to set as default.

How easy is not the way over? So now how to remove or restore the default settings so that it appears more like the original application media options that we can choose again? Here I explain:

How to Remove Default

clear default settings © ANDRE'S GUIDE / How to remove default.
  1. Go to setting on your phone.
  2. Then chooss application media that you have choosen as default.
  3. Clear Defaults.

The above way helpful that we did not click with the application media repeatedly. And certainly it can save our time.


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