Reasons Why You Should Not Play Super Mario Run Game
Super Mario Run

Game created by Nintendo was released on 15 December 2016 for iOS users. As for Android platform, the game is still not released. But do not trigger your sad first for Android users. You do not have to play Super Mario Run. Here are some reasons:

Wasteful of Quota

This is the main reason that you do not have to play this game. Because of a side-scrolling game can not be played without quotas as well as Pokemon Go.

Less Social

This game does not support the aspect of social features. You should always be online to play this game. The only social features in Super Mario Run is the mode "Toad Rally" that allows you to compete for best-run score with other players. But still, you do not socialize.

Less Challenging

As well as Super Mario Bros game. How to play this game is that you have to go through a lot of obstacles to save the princess. And look for as many points. Unlike the game, Pokemon Go exciting. Throw a virtual ball and be able to fight in the gym area.

Must Pay

Unlike the Super Mario Bros game for free. This game requires you to pay if you want to play at the level of 1-6, US $ 9.99. Only World Bass course that you can play for free.


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