How to Add Video Subtitle on Android with MX Player MX player Symbol Logo

These are the instructions to add video subtitle on android with MX Player. Follow step by step below :

  1. Download and install latest version MX Player via GooglePlay.
  2. Open MX Player application.
  3. Choose video that you want to play.
  4. After you chosen video. Open it
  5. Then to add subtitle on it. Tap menu then select subtitle. (picture number 1)
    • There are two options for subtitle. You can search it on Googgle or on menu "Get Subtitles Online".
  6. If you have downloaded it. Select open. (picture number 2)
  7. After that, choose folder that contains subtitle. (picture number 3)
  8. Step subtitle android mx player
  9. Done

Result :

Step subtitle android mx player


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