4 healthy living from google Healthy Google

Healthy lifestyle should start with ourselves, the good news, now you can easily get tips on healthy living through Internet technology. Healthy life is certainly a lot of factors, can food and drinks, healthy lifestyle and exercise.

By utilizing all the facilities of Google, you can learn how to live a healthy life.

  1. Sports YouTube
  2. You might think that to learn yoga, pilates or aerobics then you have to go to a health club, or a yoga class that would require a fee. But with Google's video sharing application, i.e. YouTube so you can learn all the movements of yoga and other sports, but make sure your internet quota big, so fast internet quota is not exhausted.

    And now YouTube allows you to save videos to be watched offline at any time, even when your internet is down. You can follow various channels, such as "Yoga with Andrienne" there you can follow the challenge "30 days of Yoga", all you can do at home, in his bedroom or other room in your home.

  3. Eating healthy at any time
  4. There are so many references are easy and inexpensive to make healthy food from your own kitchen. If you have a Google app on a smartphone, you can use a red icon display microphone and say 'Quinoa Recipes ". So with a quick google will find him for you.

    Another example, if you want to make vegetable juice, but you do not like spinach, then you can type in a search engine "juice recipe spinach vegetable", by adding a dash (-) as it was then Google will find vegetable juice recipes in addition to spinach. It's easy, isn't it ?

  5. Google Fit apps
  6. Google strongly supports healthy lifestyle, recently the giant company launched an application called Google Fit that could be operated very easily. You can check how many steps you walk today? or How long have you cycling?

  7. Google Maps
  8. Perhaps you wonder why google maps? yap, now you have the option to choose the mode of transport in Google Maps. With that Google, allows you to view the terrain, aka the road surface that you can pass or cross. So with so you can choose freely whether to walk or bike.

May be useful for those who want to change your bad lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle so that the quality of life could be better.


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