5 Best Web Browser to Save Internet Quotas

If you are looking for the best browser to save data or bandwidth quotas internet then this article might help you troubleshoot it.

There are some browser extensions and lightweight application that can reduce the consumption of data and will allow you to enjoy the streaming videos that were previously rare you get.

  1. Opera Max (Android)
  2. Opera Max

    Max Opera browser on Android claims can reduce data usage by up to 60% of your data on all the apps on your phone. This is also true when streaming video apps like Netflix and YouTube. Opera claims that you can watch an hour of Netflix video simply by consuming 150 MB of data and not as usual 250 MB. You can block access to mobile networks and video streaming Netflix force only when there is Wi-Fi.

    Download via Playstore

  3. Opera Mini (iOS / Android)
  4. Opera Mini

    IPhone and iPad users can choose to use the Opera Mini browser. This browser helps you to reduce data consumption by up to 60%. Data saving mode also works when streaming video. Opera Mini is also available for Android and iOS users. The browser is known to be very light and quite nice.

    Download via Playstore

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  5. UC Browser (Android & iOS)
  6. UC Browser

    UC browser offers savings of up to 80% of data both on Android or iOS. The company claims experience speeds of up to 20% on their users. All data is routed through a server cloud. The browser is quite popular in both the Android and iOS.

    Download via Playstore

    Download via Itunes

  7. Google Chrome (Android & iOS)
  8. Google Chrome

    Google Chrome for mobile has features that help you store data. You can enable data compression feature in Google Chrome. Although these browsers do not offer super high data saving as given Opera and UC Browser, Although this is still pretty good. This feature can be enabled by default in Android, while in the iPhone and iPad must first activate at (Options> Settings> Bandwidth> Data Saver).

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  9. Google Chrome Data Saver Beta (PC)
  10. Google Chrome desktop browser also offers data compression technology. You do not have to use an artificial extension of Google. This extension is available in the Chrome store. However, this extension is still in beta stage. The users have given a report that this helps them reduce 10% of the data usage. Chrome runs on a machine that will help users save data up to 70%.

    Download via Chrome Store


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