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Android is one of the technologies whose name quickly stuck out, it only took a little while for Android worldwide and drown even the big names who have previously famous first.

Today almost all brands of phones are popular in the market to run Android as an operating system basically. While some mobile phone brand mobile phone market with another OS, but not many are successful and no one can touch the popularity of Android. Let us examine a little why this platform is not invincible.

  1. Android is under the auspices of Google
  2. Google remained at the forefront and is the main reason that Android's success can not be defeated. Association with big brands will look even better. Android Google has acquired several years ago, but many people think Android will not speak much if without Google, it will not be like this now. Google not only invested a lot of money to continue to develop Android, but also brought it to the highest caste.

  3. Android is an open source
  4. Meaning that everyone can contribute. Most devices using the Android source code are also available for free and can be distributed to various changes. Open source makes the mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly interested in producing devices that use the Android software.

  5. Hardware Performance Increase
  6. Android is successful because it allows easy and quick integration and increased performance with the phone. Android is an OS that does not slow things because it has a pretty good base, it can convert your smartphone into a portable mini PC.

  7. Android Application Development
  8. Every Android user will know how to make their applications have been involved and how easy it is to work with it. Android offers thousands of developers and millions of apps in one place, namely in the Google Play Store which also keeps alive the interest of the developers because they can build applications that can generate enough money to satisfy.

  9. Not Used smartphone But Also Tablet PC
  10. Android is not only growing in smartphones, but also embedded in a tablet PC that has proved able to compete with the iPad. One could even say based on the number of devices sold Android tablets have already beaten all rivals.


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