7 Android App That Makes You Smarter Smart Brain Android App

smartphones now more widely used and as a means to socialize, and this became the modern form of human communication. At the age of todays smartphones, mobile applications have been adding and changing one's lifestyle.

It is already evident that smartphone applications can help in increasing the strength of your brain and make you smarter if used correctly and positively.

Here is a set of applications that can make you smarter.

  1. Duolingo
  2. Duolingo is a free application that can help you to learn the language. With this application you can learn Spanish, French, German, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and of course English, presented in a very entertaining, both with through text, sound and simultaneously talk. The application is free and ad-free. Duolingo has a 34-hour tutorial for each language. This tutorial is equivalent to half of university-level education.

  3. Kindle
  4. Kindle for Android app gives you access to all kindle library. Kindle store has more than one million books. This application must be owned by book lovers. You can also enjoy popular magazines with this application.

  5. Today in Story
  6. Today in Story app can give you knowledge of history to a specific date in accordance chosen. This application provides detailed information on the most important historical events and birthdays for the selected day. Can also be added to the homescreen widget that can be quickly accessed. This version there are available for free and if you want an ad-free you have to pay.

  7. Buddhify
  8. Buddhify is the application of meditation. This app has a clean interface. Has an 11-hour meditation custom program for 15 days. You can also play music, meditation according to the circumstances of your work.

  9. TED
  10. TED app is a collection of videos from the TED site. The site is a knowledge sharing platform for leaders, thinkers and innovators. This application is available for subtitling in 90 languages.

  11. DailyArt
  12. DailyArt is great for those who love art and history. You can get things smell urine each day with this application. This application displays the classic works of art and everyday stories that can inspire you and other artists.

  13. The Khan Academy
  14. Khan Academy is a knowledge center. The app offers over 4000 video tutorials and articles from the Khan Academy library. The content will cover a range of topics from algebra to history and music.


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