13 Adverse Effects of smartphone for Beloved Children Safety Child Internet Danger

Many adverse effects smartphone for infants and children, but parents today, despite already know, but maybe because of affection for her nonetheless lend or even give it a smartphone or tablet specifically to those who are toddlers, admit me, ever right ...?

The most common reason that is often met is to make the child can sit quietly and not interrupt the parents. Another reason is for the happiness of the child by giving him the gadget gifts on his birthday, by filling the gadget with a variety of games, videos and learning applications. But most heck games and watch videos for children on YouTube ....

This article will discuss the content restrictions, because of the topic and the dangers of the internet it's already been discussed in the last article titled 19 Tips on How to Protect Children from Internet Dangers, please read for those who do not know.

This time we will discuss the various effects and impacts of smartphones for the child if he is too often looked at the screen smartphone or tablet.

Children who were aged under 2 years old should not be too long to use the gadgets, be it a smartphone, tablet or PC, so according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Besides the smaller the child's age when you start using the gadget, the greater the effect on the child, but the toddler brain is growing rapidly.

The impact and influence of various gadgets for children are as follows, please be listened fine if you love children.


  1. Insomnia
  2. Adverse effects were first smartphone was able to make trouble sleeping, because almost all the screen gadget whose name issued light blue that resembles a light during the day. The light can send the wrong signal to the child's brain and could be confusing to the human body. So, if during the night the child so hard to sleep, it is advisable to enact activities without the gadgets in your home 1-3 hours before bedtime and replace by reading a book together, or tell tales that are beneficial to them.

  3. Lack of movement
  4. It is customary for a child continues to move, run-run-off, jumping, dancing and playing to petrify the physical growth of a healthy and strong. But children today are too comfortable playing gadget that is definitely just sitting there, and it certainly has a bad impact on children. If it is too often the case, it could have become obese children. Therefore, it is advisable for parents to be more modern now often bring children to do physical activity like playing ball, swim, bike, or other activities that make them a lot of moves.

  5. Disorders of the eye
  6. Too often stare at the screen can cause eye be considered opaque, dry and even so often a headache. Although there are no official reports of damage to the eye. Parents are advised to teach their children to keep the viewing distance between the eye and the screen, but it sets the level of light and dark, not too bright, and send the child to rest every 10-20 minutes.

  7. Pain
  8. Too old to play the smartphone can cause in some parts of the body, such as the shoulders, neck, back, hands and fingers. Teach children to frequent rest and also teach them a good sitting position and the position of the gadgets should not be higher than the eye. This is to reduce the impact of neck too long to look up. You can read our previous article about a good sitting position while playing a computer.

  9. The concentration was so short
  10. Too long in using the gadget it can make a person difficult to concentrate for long periods on something. Therefore, Parents are advised to practice various things in order to make the child be quiet without having to utilize gadgets. It is for the health and future of our beloved child, you know.

  11. The ability to socialize is reduced
  12. Gadget users still able to socialize with relations through a variety of existing applications. But children also need to have the ability to read the emotions of others, how would the direct interaction with face to face. That is why the time restriction in the use of the gadget is the best way out.

  13. Excessive anxiety
  14. If your child is old enough, be aware of their activities in social media. Because there is a lot of which can be seen, even bad things. One is, chances are they are likely to be comparing themselves with friends they see in social media, or even that they are very busy trying to make others give like or comment. Certainly very unfortunate if their energy is spent only for that. Therefore, the role of parents to supervise children in social media so it is very important, do discussions with children about social media, such as how to respond to what he sees, not to be too much to respond, do also to mock other people, or even judgmental friend who could eventually cause problems in friendships.

    It's good to read our earlier discussion about some of the things that must be considered prior to posting on social media.

  15. Mental Disorders
  16. It seemed like impossible children are still very early age may experience psychiatric disorders. However, a number of studies have concluded that the use of technology that could potentially be the cause of the excessive levels of depression in children, lack of concentration, anxiety, autism, bipolar, and other problematic behavior.

  17. Aggressive Behavior
  18. Media communication is now increasingly uncontrolled sometimes presenting violence can cause children to be more aggressive. Plus now many media and video games featuring behaviors of physical and sexual violence. The United States itself, even entered a form of violence in the media as a public health risk because of their negative effect on children.

  19. Forgetful
  20. Various forms of media technologies currently process information very quickly. As a result, the child too fast in processing information, they instead tend to be less able to concentrate as well as his memory decline. Apanila children can not concentrate, then of course the side effects they will experience difficulties in learning.

  21. Addicted
  22. Parents who used to live with gadgets, Seringa times make children feel neglected and even preoccupied himself with a smartphone or tablet. The impact, it becomes a habit and can lead to addiction to gadgets. A research Gentile said, one of 11 children aged between 8-18 years addicted to technological gadgets.

  23. Exposed to Radiation
  24. Cell phones and the various other wireless technologies emit radiation that can be harmful to health. Children who often play with the gadget could be at risk are often exposed to such radiation. In fact, the immune system and their brain was in its infancy. Too bad the ...

  25. There is an ongoing
  26. Children are our future, but there is no future for children who are too often using sophisticated technology, as disclosed researcher Cris Rowan. According to him, an education that comes from the gadget would not last long in the memory of the children. Therefore, the approach to education through the gadgets will not be sustainable for the children, so it needs to be limited.

So from now expected parents should not be too regard as trivial smartphone used a beloved child. Because in addition to functions and uses very many, the use of smartphones without supervision and without the guidance of parents can also hurt the children themselves.


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