A Few Things You Should Do Users Samsung S6 Samsung S6

You have to woo the Samsung Galaxy S6? Here will mention some things you should do the Samsung S6. What are those things? See explanation below:

Setting up a Samsung Account

Actually, this option is not necessary, but you will miss some of the features that will be discussed in the explanation this time. So, we recommend that you perform the following steps, if before you ever have a Samsung device, certainly has a Samsung account. You have to sign in with it. Those who have not, it only takes a few minutes to make. Samsung account will be automatically integrated with Google accounts, so it will be easier for you. After following the steps that appear, then it can go to the next stage. Migrating Data from old Device Samsung has applications that will assist in this process, which should be done only download the application from the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile PlayStore.

Moving from Android devices Other

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the app Samsung
  2. Smart Switch Mobile both Samsung devices, both new and old
  3. Put the two devices is about 10 cm
  4. Then select the content you want to move and touch the transfer option
  5. Tap OK on Samsung s6 you, to receive all the content

Adjusting Levels Fingerprint Sensor

With Samsung s6 you can protect the data you with the latest features of the fingerprint sensor. You will no longer be manufactured the trouble to remember a password or a pattern to unlock your device. This feature is very easy to use and easy in its regulation.

  1. Go to settings and then navigate to the Lock screen and security
  2. Then tap on the + Add the Fingerprint
  3. Follow the instructions to complete and finish your fingerprints scanned
  4. After that, create a password backup just in case
  5. Tap OK to activate the fingerprint
  6. Now just paste your fingers when opening the device you

If you arrive at losing, fingerprints will prevent your device is stolen data, but still will not restore the device that has been lost.

Removing and Disabling bloatware

Samsung has made a change to "trim the fat" on the display Touchwiz, which allows users to remove applications that are considered "bloatware" applications is quite stifling the use of existing storage device ram or Samsung. Nevertheless, not all the native apps can be instantly removed just like that. Multiple applications can still be removed and others can be out of disabled only. Applications that are disabled will not appear on the display face and will not run in the background service. How to disable or remove them as follows:

  1. In the app drawer press, edit options.
  2. Minus icon will appear in every application that can be removed or disabled.
  3. Tap the minus icons on the application you want to remove. Some applications may want deleted / deactivated as Hancom Office 2014, Microsoft OneNote, Lookout, Video Milk, Milk music and some applications that you did not need. Using Google now as Personal Assistant Google search app is more than a search engine. Google applications are contained in a service called Google now. This service enables you'll get a helpful notification called "Cards" throughout the day, every time. "Card" will appear without your having nothing to do anything. It's like getting a personal assistant who knows all your needs. Here's how to see.

    • Open the Google app and select Get Started
    • When prompted to select Yes Set up Google Now
    • When shifting to the left of the screen and select Customize from the slide-out menu
    • This is what you can choose different things and Google now will help you. In terms of travel time and sports scores, and more

No Memory Card, No Problem

Samsung decided to remove the Micro SD card slot of Galaxy S6. Some users were disappointed with this. However, the good news is the problem is many ways to expand the storage capacity of the device without the SD card. Galaxy S6 is equipped with Google Drive and Cloud OneDrive for storage. Microsoft gives users 100 GB of free storage for the Galaxy S6. With OneDrive you can store various photos easily.

  1. Open OneDrive and sign in or create a new account
  2. Go to Settings and select Backup Camera
  3. You can choose to enable or not.
  4. All photos will automatically be stored. You can also manually add files to OneDrive.
  5. You also store photos on google auto backup, the explanation here

There are still many things you can do on the device Samsung S6, may be discussed in the next article.


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