Easy Way to Copy Paste In Android With Stack Clip Clipboard Manager / Easy way to copy paste in Android with Stack Clip Clipboard Manager.

Necessarily copy and paste used for activities in every day. Certainly, you do copy and paste activities to facilitate using the Android smartphone. Copy and paste can usually be the words of the messenger to link specific sites. Android only stores a word/sentence that to be copied.

The problem would be a hassle if you want to paste a word/phrases before. Moreover, the example is words/phrases commonly used. For those of you who use a business. Certainly, commonplace to paste account number to a prospective buyer. Well, so do not bother to looking for the record word/phrases, you can try Stack Clip Clipboard Manager.

In the Clip Application Stack, the clipboard can be more than one. Interestingly, you can indicate a word/sentence favorites. To paste so much easier and faster. The advantage of this application is free and no ads. Plus it looks already carrying Material Design Interface.

To use it you can download apps Stack Clip Clipboard Manager on Play store then enable that service. This application can be used for Android above 4.0 and the size is only 1.4 MB. To copy a word/phrase is copied, you can go to notification bar. There are a clipboard history and favorites. You can also add text manually. In Stack Clip Clipboard Manager settings, there are floating bubbles. If activated it will have buttons on the Area Stack Clip application, make it easier to access.


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