How to Accelerate the Performance of Google Chrome for Android Without Lag. You must try!

Google Chrome is one of the featured browsers for PC and mobile devices, especially on Android. Google Chrome has been increasingly popular. Proven now Google Chrome has been downloaded as many as one billion more in the Google Play Store Android.

Google Chrome can be used for Android devices Jelly Bean 4.1+ and above for the latest version. During initial minimal presence in Android OS used is Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Google improves the API from level 14 to level to 16.

One of the reasons why Google Chrome Browser is used is it looks simple and synchronization features with a Google account. If you have an autofill, bookmarks, history, passwords and open tabs will easily connect to on mobile devices and on the desktop. Plus the rapid process of opening sites provides a special experience when surfing the Internet.

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One reason Google Chrome on the Android browser's left is noticeably lagged. For devices with less than 2 GB of RAM will feel Google Chrome was so slow and slow internet connection. It is not used, but likely due to browser issues. If You have an Android device with RAM 1 GB for example, Google Chrome will slow when scrolling the page to the site.

Now, you need to know is the problem of RAM that used Google Chrome. RAM memory usage automatically from Google Chrome. This browser adjusts from RAM capacity owned. The minus side, though it was automatic, the browser cannot run optimally because RAM is used, must be shared again with other applications.

Well, the means to solve the problem is to replace the use of Google Chrome of RAM memory. This method has been tested on Android devices, high-end and low-end. The results were significant! Google Chrome is faster and it does not feel lag anymore. Obviously without causing an error on the Chrome itself. This tutorial is a great way to replace the RAM that will be used by Google Chrome. Here's how to speed up the performance of Google Chrome for Android without the lag.

Open the Google Chrome on your device, tap on the address / search bar. Type the address at below.
chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area and press enter.

© ANDRE'S GUIDE / Type chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area at address bar of Chrome browser then click Enter.

On the web page, there will be writing a given yellow color. Target these writings are the maximum tiles for the interest area. As information, this option displays the amount of memory used by Google Chrome. Will automatically become the default. You can replace manual with a choice of 64, 128, 256 and 512. Now you can determine for themselves the value of RAM that will be replaced if your device has 1 GB of RAM. In this option can change it to 512. If it feels still lag, change widened to 256.

If you've replaced it, Google Chrome will ask to restart. Tap on the Relaunch now residing notifications right corner to restart Google Chrome. After that, now you can start it for surfing and scrolling with no lag.

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