How To Save Your Eyes When Viewing Smartphone Screen With Dimly
Protect your eyes on Night Mode

Sometimes when we are busy with the phone too long, we did not realize that our eyes become damaged. It is widely ignored by the mobile phone users, especially the phone screen is too bright. The mobile phone is good for our eyes is the brightness level which is commensurate with the situation where we are . That is when we were playing phone in the room with the lights off state, then the brightness of your phone screen should reduce. And if you're on a phone outside the room (during the day), then the suggestion is recommended brightness level phones that are and are not too dark.

Indeed, today, some say that the phone is a necessity. Only with one hand only we can see the world. To the extent that we do not know what else has a time limit like playing games. Besides, we should not forget one thing that really matters is our own health. Especially our eyes during play and use our mobile phones.

Sometimes there is also the phone's brightness settings from the factory a less minimal or less than the maximum. Relax, there are many applications to overcome it. One of the applications that I recommend is Dimly. With just one click we can directly activate this Dimly application. The setting is simple and uncomplicated to make this application to be one of my favorite applications.

Dimly Install on Google Play

Once you download the application dimly. Here are some application features of Dimly that you should know:

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Ongoing Notification

When we activate this feature, we do not need to bother looking dimly application to open it. With just a tap on the notification area of ​​our smartphone to activate it.

Mininum Brightness

This option to set how minimal brightness of the display will we wanted.

Maximum Brightness

This option is to set the maximum brightness of the screen how we wanted.

Shake to Restore Brightness

This feature serves to restore the brightness of our phone screen to the initial setting when we shake the phone.

There are four options sensitivity, among others:

  1. Off: To turn off this feature.
  2. Low: Low level Shaking.
  3. Medium: Medium level Shaking.
  4. High: High level Shaking. The most sensitive.


With this feature you can set the time when the Dimly is executed and terminated automatically.

Blue Light Filter

You can see the picture above if interested in this feature.

This application provides a free and premium version (In-App purchases). The features of the premium version is ad-free and autostart.

Keep your eyes well. Because the eye is an important organ in our body. Very unfortunately not damaged if our eyes only because it causes such trifles mostly use our smartphones without our prior anticipation?


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