Optimize RAM on Android With AMembooster
RAM Booster

Ram (Random Access Memory) is a major factor that is used as a temporary storage medium when we're using the app multitasking. Multitasking itself is to run two or more applications simultaneously.

In the modern era, certainly, our activities can not be separated with the android smartphone within our grasp. Whether we are chatting, browsing, or jamming game. And of course, we do not want when productivity and activity in the grip of our android disrupted due to limited RAM. And how to overcome it? Do we need to replace our android smartphone with an expensive price? No, there are a few tips from me that might help low RAM your android.

Here are some tips for how to optimize android RAM us with the help of the AMembooster by Sylkat :

Ram can not we add capacity. But only we can add optimization. For example with 1Gb RAM we want to add capacity to 2Gb. It is quite impossible.



  1. AMemboosterApplication.
  2. SD Card as a storage area SWAP file later.


  1. Download and install application AMembooster by Sylkat.
  2. After that open AMembooster. Allow SuperSU to access the application AMembooster Root.
  3. Swap File :

    How to Swap File Android © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Method to Swap File.
  4. Click Manage Swap > Choose Enable Swap > choose Yes.
    Note: Swap Disable to disable the function of the Swap File. Swap file size and for which we will create a minimum is 154 Mb .
  5. Then we find two options, namely Ext Storage and Partition . Once we select the location where we will create for file storage Swap, our lives regulate how much the size that we will create in the form of units of Mb.
  6. After waiting until the process is complete. Success or failure, you can check in the folder that you created for storage Swap file earlier.
  7. Boost Memory:

    How to Boost Memory Android © ANDRE'S GUIDE / Method to Boost File.
  8. Click Boost Memory Select Yes.
  9. Done
AMembooster Install on Google Play

  1. To Boost Memory Ram will stop all currently running applications or diforeground dibackground. So you should first save the data that you think are important.
  2. Swap file is a way to increase the performance capacity of the RAM is not to increase the capacity of the RAM size of your android.


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