Save RAM By Step Freeze Application Using Disable Application
Disable Application [ROOT]

When we recently bought a smartphone must have been happy to us. Moreover, the smartphone mild taste when we use. But after several months, our smartphones running slow. Actually, many factors that influence it. Can be due to the specifications of smartphones our own finite and definitive cause of RAM android we are not able to do multitasking with many applications.

Naturally, and there are no restrictions if our hobby is collecting a wide variety of applications in our android. But you should know that with more applications that we install in our smartphones, the application will use over our RAM in our android. If the smartphone that we have is top class specifications certainly, it is not a problem, then what about a smartphone that has a limited specification?

In fact, there's many ways that we can do to overcome it. One thing you can do is to freeze the application from running in the background and certainly, do not take our Android RAM.

Freeze applications are for the purpose of taking the life of the application or can be called to disable the application until its foundations. It is also I do when I feel the slowness performance on my android.

Many applications that provide these Freeze feature. However, on this occasion, I will explain with the help of the Disable Application . Why did I choose this application than other apps such as Link2sd or Titanium backup? Because the Disable Application can load all of our applications quickly when we open it. And this app made specifically to disable (freeze) applications. Follow the steps below:

Disable Application [ROOT] Install on Google Play


  • Rooted Android Phone.


  • Disable Application [ROOT]


  1. Please download and install the application above.
  2. Open the application and then allow Request Application Disable Root of Superuser access.
  3. Then select the application you want to Freeze / Disable and then click the application that you selected earlier. Then click OK.
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To Unfreeze the applications that you have frozen, it is the same way with the tutorial above that with a single click. Select apps to your unfrozen / Enable . Then click OK.

How? It's easy method, isn't it? With just one click you can disable android apps from running in the background which resulted consuming and wasting RAM on Android. Please post in the comments below if you have questions.


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