Selfie Photo Tips For Good Results And Cool
Photo Selfie

The selfie photo phenomenon has now become a trend that almost all smartphone users do. Trend selfie photograph not only affects young people, but also the parents. Almost all people do selfie photo to capture certain moments. From among the ordinary people, the artist until state officials also does selfie photo.

Results of selfie photos can be uploaded to various social media are used to display picture / DP BBM. Some time ago netizens had a tantrum because the circulation of photographs selfie conducted by several state officials such as Barrack Obama is an American president and Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or SBY familiarly called.

Photo selfie is an activity that is quite unique, the article we take a photo without the help of others in various poses desired. To be able to produce images selfie nice and cool, we'll give you tips to make the picture look professional.

Tips for selfie photo:

Determine the Best When Viewpoint of Photos Selfie

If you do selfie photo, one of the most important things to produce good photographs is to determine the viewing angle. Because not everyone has the same great viewing angle when doing a selfie photo from the front, try to choose the best angle for yourself. For example, if you look good from the standpoint of the right, then when you can explore other selfie photo sections.

Choose the Most Good Background

Another important thing when you make selfie photo is to determine a good background. Because maybe you do selfie photo also to explore a place that has a beautiful view. So try to choose the best background while doing selfie photo because it can affect the quality of your photos. Good composition is 30% and 70% of our portrait background or scenery around.

Relaxed When Selfie Photo

For the photograph were nice and cool, you have to look as relaxed as possible and enjoy the scenery around you. Because when you look tense while doing selfie photo, image quality obtained will be less good. For that you can pay attention to your face on the screen smartphone, and if your face is oily immediately washing your face so that the picture is beautiful and natural.

Adjust Lighting

Sufficient and appropriate lighting may also affect the quality of the photo so good results and minimal noise. You can avoid dark places unless you are using a smartphone equipped with a LED flash on the front. Also, do not take photos at the position back to the light, because the picture will look like a silhouette.


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